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mission statement

We provide a needed service in our area. We locate and identify frail and vulnerable seniors and get them the supportive services that they need so that they can maintain their independence. We are able to keep seniors in their home longer, so they don't end up in nursing homes prematurely, by providing them with a hot nutritious meal on a daily basis.


You get more than just a meal

Mealtime is more enjoyable when you are with friends! The Monroe City Nutrition Center serves hot, healthy meals and gives seniors opportunities to socialize and take part in activities like cards, bingo, and exercise classes. You can also learn about other services that are available.


what does it cost?

Senior citizens are given the opportunity to contribute towards the cost of each meal. The suggested contribution is $7.00 per meal.


what are the meals like?

Senior meals are planned to help you stay healthy. Menus include an entrée, vegetables or fruit, potatoes, noodles or rice, milk, bread and dessert.  Coffee and tea is also served. Low fat milk and diabetic/sugar free desserts can be ordered as well, along with soft-serve ice cream.  Weekly Menus are published every Wednesday morning in the Lake Gazette. Menus are also displayed on bulletin boards at our dining site.  Monthly menus and schedules are posted on this website.

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